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About us

«Grimme» is a company with 150 years of history and a world leader in the manufacture of innovative technology for the cultivation of potatoes. Today, the company product program includes a full range of machinery for the separation, planting, cultivation, harvesting, storage and cleaning and loading systems of potato technology.

Another important direction is the machinery for harvesting vegetables and sugar beet. For sugar beet there are in the product program trailed harvesting complexes for two-phase cleaning and self-propelled machines, that perform the whole cycle of works for one technological pass. ASA-LIFT, one of the brands of the Grimme Group, offers professional equipment for harvesting of different types of vegetables. Quality of equipment of "Grimme" is appreciated in already more than 120 countries of the world.

Products and services

Spring: Accurate planting and high output characterise the 2- to 12-row potato planters. Ridging Hiller and Rotary Hiller used for soil cultivation broaden the spring technology. Harvest: 1-, 2-, 3- & 4-row trailed harvesters & 2- or 4-row self propelled harvesters are avaliable. No matter if sandy, stony or cloddy soil, the proven machines are available for the varying conditions Handling eq.: The very gentle but highly efficient handling equipment range consists of Receiving Hopper, conveyors, store loader, web grader, box filler. 6-row defoliator, front topper or tractor trailed beet harvester are available. The elfpropelled product range includes 20- or 30-t bunker capacity, 6-row Oppel wheels or 6-, 8- or 9-row walking shares. Also cleanliner & special trailer.

ASA-LIFT & Grimme develope efficient, gentle, ground protecting machines for the vegetable technology. The wide program ranging from the rotary tiller trailed, mounted & self-propelled harvester to the handling equipment.

Box Filler GBF

Box Filler GBF

The GBF is a gentle, fully automatic box filler that can be used both during storage and during potato processing / grading. The adjustable intake height and the box positioning frame are suitable for filling a variety of different sized boxes. The hydraulically adjustable gooseneck reduces the discharge height into the box. The machine settings operated from the GBT operator terminal including Flow-Control line control to start and stop the complete feeding line.

Bunker Harvester SE 260

Bunker Harvester SE 260

SE 260 is an off-set trailed, 2-row, 6-ton bunker, for tractors from 110 HP. With this machine Grimme supplements its very successful SE 150-60 series and with that is able to enter the performance dimension of 2-row bunkers at an attractive price.

Rotary Hiller GF 400

Rotary Hiller GF 400

The 4-row, 75 cm to 90 cm, rotary hiller GF intensively cultivates the soil while destroying annoying clods. The soil becomes loose and can be used for large-volume & solid ridge forming. It makes up the basis for a good growth. Furthermore, these rotary hillers can be converted to full width cultivators with a few manual adjustments prior to planting. In combination with a planter it is possible to realise planting and cultivation in one pass.

News & Innovations

AirSep device - stone & wet clod separation via airstream 

Grimme has developed the pneumatic trash separator AirSep to separate trash & wet clods from the harvested crop. The separator works very gently with an uplift concept. An airstream keeps the crop in a floating position and gently forwards it from the separator. Stones & clods sink to the ground ...| » Further reading 

VARITRON 470 TERRA TRAC - 4-row, 7 t bunker, high separation, rubber tracks, 490 HP 

The self-propelled harvesters of the VARITRON series give a high variability with the various options of different separators (MultiSep, Roller Separator, fine haulm elevator) and high performance. The driver has all the time a good view onto the intake unit and main webs from the comfortable ca...| » Further reading 

Ridging Hiller GH 4 Eco - 4-row, row widths from 75 to 91.4 cm, mechanical weed control 

The 4-row Ridging Hiller for use in 75 to 91.4 cm row distance. Various options including different tines for varying soil conditions are available to enable optimum ridging. Single row shaper allow easy running between the rows, even in bigger plants. For weed destruction without chemicals and ...| » Further reading 


Grimme Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG
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Representative in the Ukraine
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